About us


Hello, we are Chiara and Marko. This is our family business. We have opened our shop at 2014 and our Café at 2018.


Our Cafe has peaceful atmosphere with wood decoration and handicrafts made of reindeer fur. 

We have made the sturdy plank tables and wooden lamps by ourselves. Idea was to use just ecological and recycled material in the renovation process and that’s how our comfy café with smell of fresh wood was born.

Our location is at North-East Lapland of Finland on the border of Norway. Our small village is called Näätämö and is a part of Municipality of Inari. Näätämö is in the middle of two beautiful and broad wilderness areas, the Wilderness area of Vätsäri and Kaldoaivi. The area contains hundreds of clearwater lakes and big salmon river called Näätämöjoki (Näätämö river).

Our services includes Meeting the Reindeers, Café with local handicrafts and art, retailed fishing trips and shop with equipments for outdoor people.