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My Art – for sale at the Café

“My passion as I was a child was drawing and I started to draw again couple of years ago. I think I´m a still a student in this and it’s a continuous learning process. It is hard to describe my work as an art and me as an artist. As I think of every work, that I do as a learning experience, as a practice, or just a doodle. Therefore, it came as a big surprise for me as some people approached me and wanted to by my drawings! As I was even scared at the moment to publish photos of my drawings in social media. However, maybe the thought that I´m a student, not a professional at this, helps me to draw freely, to create and learn, as I have not set huge boundaries for me, which I have tendency to do in my professional life.

My path with Pyrography began as a thought of ecological art. Art that you can enjoy and if you ever get bored with it, you can just toss it away, burn it as a firewood etc. and it does not pollute the environment. In addition, the wood as a material is fascinating, the structure varies in different species and the pattern of the wood guides your work, sets challenges or lets you draw, well, burn, smoothly. The process is always different, unique.

And luckily I had some left over wood pieces to start with and got some more from friends who wanted to support my work.

So, even I don´t still call myself an artist, I now have the courage to share my passion, ’my art’ for others to enjoy also, by selling them at our Cafe. And I wish that my passion is transmitted from my work to the viewer. Meaning that, I love to do these and have tendency to fall in love with them, even I always see things that are not perfect in them, things to change. But isn’t that like life, imperfect, but still so loveable!”

– Chiara Seri 24.1.2019.


We resale handicrafts, made by Anita Silenius, Arctic Arts and Crafts at our Cafe. Handicrafts are made from ecological materials, such as fish skin and wood.

Bag made from Salmon skin. Made by Anita Silenius, Arctic Arts and Crafts.

Fishskin is very strong material with beautiful patterns. It has been processed by hands, using traditional ways.

Other local products

We have the honor to resale history´s first Skolt Sami Calendar!

Photo by Mari Korpimäki, Skolt Sámi Foundation

We have also beautiful lanyards for sale, produced by the Skolt Sámi Foundation. By buing the calendar or lanyard, you will support the Skolt Sámi foundations important work for Skolt Sámi culture.

We have woolsocks for children and adults, made by Markos mother. They surely will keep your feet warm in these cold temperatures.

We resale also resale postcards which are made by or for the benefit for local youth and children.

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